How to Find the Best Toys and Treats for Your Pet

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Lifestyle

Our furry companions are a very important part of our lives. Some may say that they are even like our children. And what do we do for our children? Obviously, we get them the nicest things out there. That being said, how do we make sure we pick the right toys for our pets to enjoy? Well, here are some things for you to consider.

1.      Get Them in a Good Size

The toys that you buy should be in an appropriate size for your pet. For instance, a ball should be large enough for them to carry it around, but not small enough for them to risk swallowing it. A small toy can also get lodged in their mouth.

  1.     Squeaky Toys Are for Gentle Pets

How energetic is your pet? Do they only carry around their plush toys and play with them, or do they make a habit of frequently ripping them apart? If the latter case applies to your pet, then you might want to refrain from getting them a squeaky toy. Your pet will feel compelled to find and destroy the source of the squeak, and they may end up ingesting it.

3.     Choose Toys Based on Personalities

Pets can be nibblers, inhalers, or destroyers. You should choose the toy depending on the way they chew it. If your pet is an inhaler or a nibbler, stuffed toys and balls might be a good choice for them. On the other hand, if your pet is a destroyer, go for sturdier rubber toys or edible chews that they can eat after they destroy.

4.    Consider Their Age

If you have a puppy, you might want to make sure you stock up on soft rubber toys. Otherwise, they’ll find other things in your house to chew on – such as your shoes. When they are in the teething phase, pets tend to chew on everything around them, and it only comes into control once they grow older. Once they’re over their teething phase, you may move on to interactive toys.

  1.     Go for Treat and Puzzle Toys

Pets are smart – and if they catch on to the fact that a certain toy can also be a food source, it can keep them busy for hours at a time. These toys will only give the pet access to small amounts of food, which means they won’t do much to their appetite, nor will they affect their diet. It’s a very efficient way to make your pet work for its food and can also help if you want to keep your companion on a diet. They’ll no longer want to eat as much of it because the puzzle will only give them access to bits and pieces at a time.

The Bottom Line

Our furry children deserve the best toys – and as their “parents,” who are we to deny them? Make sure that the toys you get are appropriate for the age and style of your pet. Safety comes first, so choose carefully.


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