Dress for the Job: Dos and Don’ts for Work Attire

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Career

In recent years, the way we dress for work has changed. Gone are the days of suits and ties for everyone.

The world of work attire has become more casual with many people opting for jeans on Fridays (or even all week long!). However, there are still some things to keep in mind when deciding your outfit for work each day. This blog post will offer advice on dos and don’ts to help you stay on top of office fashion trends while also staying professional.

Dos for Work Attire

Do wear clothes that fit – It’s always better to wear slightly baggy than very tight clothing, as it will look more professional and you can avoid revealing too much of yourself.

Do make sure to dress appropriately – Don’t wear inappropriate clothing like flip-flops or shorts in formal settings. This will be hard to do when you’re in the heat of summer, but if you could wear a nice polo or button-up shirt that would be preferable.

Do dress appropriately for your work environment – If you’re working at an office building and they tell everyone to wear suits all day long, don’t walk into the office with jeans on and a t-shirt.

Do make sure your shoes are clean – Nothing says “I just rolled out of bed” like dirty shoes.

Do tuck in your shirt if you’re wearing one – it’s a must for men and women alike to always have their shirts tucked in when at work or during an interview!

Don’ts for Work Attire

Don’t pick the most expensive suits – While this doesn’t mean don’t buy nice suits, it means don’t buy the most expensive ones. You’ll rack up a huge bill buying jackets and pants that are out of reach for your paycheck (unless you’re loaded).

Don’t show too much skin; wear appropriate clothing – There is such a thing as too much bare skin, and you should avoid showing up to work wearing clothes that are revealing.

Don’t wear wrinkled or messy clothing – If your pants look like they were just pulled out of the hamper it’s time for an iron. Wrinkles in general aren’t good, but they’re even worse for workwear.

Don’t wear dirty clothing – It’s a good idea to keep your clothes clean all the time, but it is especially important when you’re going out in public and wearing them on the job. Don’t show up smelly or with stains either!

Don’t wear clothing that’s too baggy or tight – Clothing shouldn’t be falling off of your body; it should fit comfortably but not tightly either. If your clothes don’t properly fit then they’re going to look very sloppy.

Don’t over-accessorize – It’s good to make sure you have the right accessories, but don’t wear too many or they will take away from your outfit instead of complimenting it! Remember that if you’re wearing a tie then you probably shouldn’t be wearing more jewelry at all.

Don’t cover up your face – It’s not a good idea to wear sunglasses inside of an office building or during an interview. Leave the shades at home and just try to avoid wearing them in general unless they’re meant for work (like safety goggles).

Don’t wear too bright of colors – Stay away from neon clothing or anything that will stand out in a crowd. It won’t look good and it’s just not the time for you to be standing out.

Don’t show up unshaven – This one is particularly important for men.

There you have it, some guidelines on what to do and not to do for work attire. Remember these tips when you’re dressing in the morning so that you can dress appropriately but still look great!

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